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Bertha Gifford was a serial killer operating in the early days of the 20th century. She used arsenic poisoning and is believed to have killed possibly as many as 30+ people before getting caught and tried. She was found "NOT GUILTY BE REASON OF INSANITY", and spent the rest of her life in a mental facility.
I have been searching for her spirit from the boarding house she ran with her first husband in Jefferson County, Missouri (He died of a strange stomach ailment with symptoms similar to Arsenic Poisoning. She married a local handyman a year later.) to the courthouse in Union, Mo. where she was held through the trial.
I'll put up some photos and video's soon.

Franklin County Courthouse
Union Courthouse where Bertha was tried.

The courthouse in Union, MO. where she was tried. Here she refused to eat for fear of being poisoned.

It is also reported that she use to scream foul language out the window at the crowds below.

I returned in 2012 for an investigation at the hotel. This time, while we did not meet with Bertha, we did contact her first husband, who denied she murdered him and claimed to have been at the Union court house when we investigated there.


Morse Mill Hotel, where Bertha and her first husband ran a hotel at the turn of the 20th century.


I was part of a three day investigation, the first here, at the Morse Mill Hotel in Morse Mill, Mo. Here is where Missouri's only known female serial killer, Bertha Gifford, began her killing spree which lasted over 20 years and took an estimated 30+ men, women and children. I did the historical research and presented it for the video The Morse Mill Project. We saw shadow people, got EVP's and photos, and determined the spirits here do not rest easily. During our inital investigation a week prior to the three day, one investigator was scratched severely across the back of the neck by hands or claws unseen by the other people in the

Bertha Gifford Investigation

Click photo above for video of the first two investigations at Morse Mill Hotel.


Click photo above for a site on the Morse Mill Project. This was our first investigation.