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On a tour of Alton with Mineral Springs Paranormal, we visited one of the most haunted places I have seen yet.  In the pool area, where the ghost of a small child plays as if her birthday was not interupted by her death, the KII meter would go off each time the guide asked for a sign of her presence.  The above  photo was taken immediatly after the seance was ended.  The lower photo was taken at a stairway, where I was later told the little girls ghost plays.

Wardens living area, Ohio State Penitentiary



During an investigation of the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio, we got several good hits on the KII meter and saw shadow people in several different areas of the jail.  Here, in the area where the warden lived and his wife "suicided" during an arguement with her husband, we found this orb in several photos which seemed to follow us around. 

This lighthouse in Fairport, Ohio is haunted by a cat and the son of one of the keepers.



The Rider Inn in Painsville, Ohio.  The owners have 32 large nails in the front door to keep the ghost, a former owner, from opening the door at night.  Many things happen here, and Sherri had some weird dreams that the current owner said matches other guests.


The Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Louisville, KY.  We were there with the Paranormal Task Force, who got a great photo of a woman looking out of a room and down the hallway.  Another got a black mass jumping across the room.  PTF also got a video of me and Sherri coming out of an empty room, and the door closed behind us.  I didn't even notice at the time!


The old jail in Charleston, SC.  A woman mass murderer, hung in her wedding dress, still haunts the old jail along with other spirits.


This was taken at the St. James Hotel in Cimmeron, NM.  This hotel has been reported haunted since "Unsolved Mysteries" in the mid 70's. As I approached the building, I took the top photo.  In comparing it with the others, I noticed something in the window that wasn't there before.  The lower photo is blown up, and reveals what appears to be two ghosts.  One is a dancing girl, complete with dress and cleavage, small heart shaped face and chin.  But above that, the face of a cowboy with stern eye brows and feathered hair also looks out.  Checking the door inside revealed nothing to account for this.

This photo was taken at the extremly haunted Crescent Hotel and Spa located at Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  This was our first trip, and we got what appears to be a boy and girl standing inside the closed door.  We got a large amount of photos with interesting orbs and a devil like face while here.  Any ghost hunter needs to get down there and at least take the tour if not stay the night.




The Pirate House restaurant in Savannah, Ga. is haunted by the spirit of an old pirate, whom Robert Louis Stevenson based the character "Billy Bones" on in Treasure Island. While I only got to do a short investigation with local ghost expert and ghost tour guide Greg Profitt, you could feel the history of the building which dated back to pre-Revolutionary war days.


This photo was taken at the Kansas Air Museum in Wichita, Ks. when I assisted in an investigation there.  The old airport was haunted with the spirits of soldiers, baggage handlers, and tourists and pilots.  We got weird KII readings answering questions and picked up some interesting EVP's.